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Each of the oral fluid device can test for six drugs in the human oral fluid. We offer a number of oral drug tests to test different drugs, as shown in table 3-1. The oral drug tests can perform qualitative detection of drug metabolites in saliva.

These products are for Forensic Use Only.

These tests are not intended for home use.

These products are not US FDA 510k cleared.


ORATECT Oral Drug Test

FDA Cleared ORATECT Oral Drug Test.
The test is intended to be administered by a trained professional.
This product is intended for forensic use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The NEW Oratect® III Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device introduces a blue line indicator for the sufficient collection of saliva. Oratect ® III is the only one-step chromatographic immunoassay device for the qualitative detection of marijuana (THC), cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, methamphetamines including MDMA (Ecstasy) and either phencyclidine or benzodiazepines in oral fluid.

The HM15 Oratect test will test for the presence of the following drugs in saliva:
Amphetamines (AMP)
Cocaine (COC)
Marijuana (THC)
Methamphetamines including MDMA (Ecstasy)
Opiates (OPI)
Phencylindine (PCP)
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Please note: Quantity of '1' means you are ordering 1 Box of 25 tests.. For example: Quantity of '3' means you are ordering 75 tests. Tests are sold in manufacturer supplied, original packaging.