Advantages of Using Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits at Workplace

Every employer should make sure that the workplace is free from those who abuse or depend on substances such as alcohol or illegal drugs. In order to prevent drug abuse among employees they can introduce an effective drug testing program using multi-panel drug test kits. This article emphasizes the usage and advantages of multi-panel drug test kits at workplace.

Multi-panel drug test kits can be used to detect two or more drugs as opposed to single panel drug test kits, which detect only one drug. These drug test kits can detect up to 12 drugs in one go including the most widely used ones. Therefore, there is no need of administering the test repeatedly. This ensures that the substance abusing employee cannot go undetected.

These kits can detect commonly abused drugs such as marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, oxycodone, phencyclidine, barbiturates, buprenorphine, MDMA (ecstasy), tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines, methadone, propoxyphene (PPX), etc.

Effective when used for random testing
Using multi-panel drug test kits, random drug testing could be made a more potent tool to deter substance abuse among employees. Random testing as opposed to scheduled testing does not let employees know the test dates, time, etc. beforehand. Using multi-panel drug test kits for random drug testing would thus be a deterrent to the employees – they fear the risk of being detected. This discourages them to use harmful substances.

Save time and drug testing costs
The regular single panel drug test kits detect only one drug at a time, and they have to be used multiple times with multiple samples to detect multiple substances. This is time consuming. Whereas multi-panel drug test kits detect 2 to 12 drugs with a single sample. This saves considerable time for the drug administering personnel.

Further, these kits cost employers nominally. As these test kits rule out usage of single panel drug test kits multiple times for detecting multiple drugs, they reduce the testing costs, and are therefore a good value to employers’ money.

Quick and accurate results
These drug test kits can detect the presence of multiple drugs within a very short span of time, not longer than five minutes. They can do the job accurately. Drug test kits from reliable dealers meet SAMHSA test standards and are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Hence they are safe and are therefore reliable.

Convenient and easy to use
Multi-panel drug test kits are pretty simple and easy to use. They do not need any medical professionals to handle them. They need a single test sample, either urine or saliva, that are non-intrusive and cause no inconvenience to employees. They are, thus, convenient to use at workplaces.

Use reliable drug test kits
Multi-panel drug test kits offered by reputed companies are of great help to employers as such kits are made as per the standards laid by authorities. Kits that are according to SAMHSA standards and approved by FDA are reliable.

Multi-panel drug test kits are thus advantageous to employers for timely detection of substance abuse/dependence and to take appropriate follow-up action on this behalf to ensure a healthy and safe environment, and optimal productivity at workplace.

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