How to Maintain Healthy Environment at Workplace

Success of any organization depends on the well-being of employees. It is necessary for every company to foster a healthier workplace to its employees. Following are few tips which can help employers in maintaining healthy environment at workplace.

Clean and tidy atmosphere: A clean and tidy workplace not only ensures better productivity but also keeps the employees healthier. To do this job, a good housekeeping staff is essential for every organization. The premises and the desks at workplace should be kept clean by regular cleaning and dusting. Scrap should be collected into the trash bins and emptied regularly.

Devices such as telephones and computers should be cleaned regularly to eliminate the spread of germs. The cafeterias and kitchens attached to the office should also be clean and tidy. Dishes, surfaces of the tables and other appliances should be cleaned regularly. Expired food should be thrown away immediately.

Ideal temperature: Many studies have proven that improper temperature levels and poor indoor air quality affects the productivity and health of employees; hence it should be given proper attention.

According to American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the temperature in the office environment should be in such a way that an employee wearing a normal clothing should feel neither too cold nor too warm. In order to maintain such conditions, they recommend maintaining 68-74 degrees F in winter and 73-79 degrees F in summer.

Improved indoor air quality: Researches conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others show that many indoor environments in US are more polluted than outdoors. This may badly affect the productivity and health of the working staff. Here are few suggestions to improve the indoor air quality at work places (few of them are mentioned by EPA).

  • Avoid blocking air vents or grilles
  • Follow office and building smoking policy
  • Dispose garbage promptly and properly
  • Avoid using bothersome odors or contaminants
  • Include some green plants that filter indoor air and prevent pollution
  • Keep windows open as often as possible to remove toxins and to let fresh air come in
  • Consult your facility manager if you suspect indoor air quality problem

Drug testing programs: Though substance abuse is a personal problem of the employee, it is the duty of the organization to make sure that none of its employees is working under the influence. This not only creates healthy workplace but also decreases employee absenteeism, mistakes at work, and reduces injuries and accidents at workplace. In order to identify drug abusing employees, employers can make use of the following drug testing methods.

Pre-employment drug testing: This test is generally conducted during the hiring process to recruit drug free employees. Persons with positive results for the test would be rejected immediately – no drug abuser will be able to make into the company.

Random drug testing: Random drug testing is generally conducted on the existing employees, often without prior intimation or notice about the test. This kind of tests at regular intervals can effectively prevent drug abuse among the employees.

Post-accident drug testing: This test is conducted after an accident at workplace. It helps the employer know whether substance abuse by employee was the reason behind the accident.

Drug testing is an efficient method to maintain a drug-free environment at workplace. Above mentioned drug tests can be performed easily using on-site urine and saliva test kits, which give accurate and reliable results within no time.

Strict rules on substance abuse: You need to make sure that all your employees are aware of the company’s rules and regulations on drug abuse at workplace. Print an employee handbook which includes all the guidelines to be followed by an employee at workplace. Clearly mention that working under the influence of drugs is not acceptable and it should be followed by every employee, irrespective of designation.

Hope, the above mentioned information helps you in maintaining a healthy environment at workplace. Healthy work environment not only improves employees’ productivity levels but also conveys that the business is organized and professional.

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