Working To Help Drug Rehabilitation – Drug Testing On Students

Drug rehabilitation jobs are growing in number. Drug addiction is prevalent in almost all communities. Drug rehabilitation counselors work in different community settings to provide the required rehabilitation and support services for drug addicts. Continue reading

Dot Drug Testing – Why It Is Very Important – Random Drug Testing

The Dot Drug Testing program is an important statement imposed by the secretary of transportation. The drug testing policy requires that all the employees in the transportation industry to be tested, for drug and alcohol by means of different drug and alcohol testing procedures. Continue reading

Warning Signs of Teenage Drug Abuse

Teens are becoming a vulnerable victim for drugs and alcohol. And is tough time for the parents to make out their teens is with drugs and alcohol. Every parent must be aware with the warning signs of drug abuse that may present in your teens too. It does not signify that they are absolutely with drugs. Adolescent life might be the root cause for the adventurous use of drugs. There are other reasons that go valid with situations. Continue reading

Cons of school drug testing

Though schools have created a plat form for eradicating the drugs from teens yet there exist cons for it. The main goal of drug testing in school is to lessen the drugs from the environment. But the mandatory drug testing and random drug testing has some cons in the schools. Most of the students feel that their civil rights and liberties are at danger. Moreover they believe that if the random drug is conducted in the school, it pays the flood gate for other close observation and monitoring their rights upon. Continue reading

Drug education for students

Drug education is most efficient when students experience contented sharing their dreams and asking a set of questions. A staff or school must provide all the following facility for the students to share. Continue reading

Performance enhancing drugs – athlete drug test

Steroids are a kind of drug which is abused to gain weight and increase the performance. Steroid drug abused by athletes and weight lifters to increase muscles and strength. Moreover it helps in quick recovery from injury. Continue reading

Teen drug and alcohol abuse

Most of the teenagers are experimenting with drugs and alcohol since it is the transition age. Obviously they are trapped in drug addiction world and get addicted to drugs and alcohol. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction can turn out in any teen no matter about their financial level, drug education, school attendance and friends. Continue reading

Pros and cons of drug testing in schools

Drug testing at schools is very important. Children come across much new stuff in their day to day life. They do not know which is right and wrong. Adolescence is the age where they try to make new discoveries and feel proud and pleasure out of it. Pros cons of drug testing in schools are discussed below in this article. Continue reading