Confusion in pregnancy test results

As far as pregnancy test is concerned, women who use pregnancy testing kits are coming out with lot of confusions. They do not know how to use and interpret it. They think testing kits are complicated and confusing. It confuse with person who confuses with everything. Continue reading

Pregnancy testing kits

Pregnancy testing kits are helping most of the woman in predicting their pregnancy easily. Pregnancy test is based on the urine sample which contains the hormone HCG that confirms the pregnancy. Every pregnancy testing kits will test for the level of HCG in the urine. Continue reading

Fertility tips for both male and female

How can I get pregnant? , is the questions from most of the ladies. Fertility in both male and female plays a major role in becoming pregnant. Nowadays infertility is growing in number due to people are getting adapted to the modern life style. Modern life style includes health and food life style where they lack essential nutrients. As per the report infertility had affected 10% of population in United States. Continue reading

Various sources of information regarding pregnancy

Now a day’s people have a trend that they must get a hold what they required that is the means they are dealing with things. It is the same with pregnancy. There are a number of diverse sources of pregnancy information that a woman know how to resort to if she wants counsel or shore up. As the raise in pregnancy information on the internet, an eternally rising number of women are glancing at web sites for response of their queries. Continue reading

Why false negative test in home pregnancy test?

Home pregnancy test kit is widely used nowadays. The results are read based on the two lines which appear after a test. Two lines make you to assume that you are pregnant. Not all the home pregnancy test result will be accurate. False negative pregnancy test result will be lately known. There are certain reasons for getting false pregnancy test result. Continue reading

Tips for using pregnancy test kit

Every woman will play big emotions during their pregnancy test. Certain prayers will run in every woman’s mind until they get result for pregnancy test. If the results are negative they fell into big emotional play. Here are some tips to how to deal with pregnancy test results and to avoid emotions. Continue reading

Take an online free pregnancy test

Numerous websites are available with the aim of advertising a free online pregnancy test. It is easy to take an online pregnancy test by answering some questions as well as the symptoms you experience. At the end you will be offered with a number which is believed to be the percentage of possibility that you are pregnant. Continue reading

Missed period and false negative pregnancy result

Most of the Women can have irregular periods because of many reasons which including stress and excessive exercise. Every month ovaries will normally release one egg and after 14 days the egg is released. If the egg is not fertilized, the inner lining of uterus will shed and menstruation occurs. The problem occurs when there is no proper signaling between uterus and ovaries. Either ovaries may not released the egg or uterus have not received signal to start menstruation. In this case women have to seek medication for the proper communication between ovary and uterus So that you can have regular periods. Continue reading

Causes for false negative home pregnancy test result

Home kit pregnancy test is used to take pregnancy test by detecting the HCG hormone from the urine. To take home pregnancy test you have to wait till a missed period. If you don’t have patience to wait for long time to take pregnancy test then you can test after 14 days from conception. Continue reading