Drug test morphine addiction – drug detection

Morphine is group of an opiate as it is acquired from opium. In view of the fact that morphine is a prevailing analgesic drug and it is given for treating reasonable to acute pain. Continue reading

What is methadone dependency and addiction?

People using methadone as an alternative medication of an addiction treatment program will become reliant, but not obsessed to methadone. Continue reading

How to pass opiate drug testing – urine drug test

Opiate is one of the illicit drugs which are commonly abused for recreational purpose. It is the most tested drug in almost all countries. Opiate drug testing includes codeine, morphine and papaverine which are tested among employees in the work place. Urine test for opiates is the legal drug testing which is included in company drug test list Continue reading

Opium Addiction For Pain – Drug Testing

Opium is a drug that is derived from the extracts of seedpods of the opium poppy. It is described as “God’s own medicine” for pain. The drug has excellent effects in controlling pain and its use as analgesic has been tremendous. The opioid analgesics are known for immense value in treating a patient’s pain without a loss of consciousness. They are also used in treating coughs, fevers, and diarrhea. Continue reading