Inevitable reasons for drug addiction

Reasons are inevitable for the drug use. Every people who are with drug use will have different type of reason. Some may use drugs to achieve high and some other may use because of attraction and enthusiasm. Some become addict to drug due to certain emotional problems such as depression, anger, jealousy, misery. These kinds of emotional disorder are due to lack of self confidence and self respect. Thus far above all fear arise that makes him to feel guilty and sometimes leads to suicidal thoughts too. Continue reading

Significance of drug testing in workplace

Drug testing had turned out be a tough job to be faced by the employees who use drugs in the workplace. Drug testing has taken a part in the company strategies and working efficiently to prevent drug addiction in the workplace. Continue reading

Role of hair drug testing in forensic science

Hair drug testing is also considered as the important drug testing in forensic department. Hair sample helps to determine the historical identification of the amount of drug abused by the sample donor. Hair sample is considered as the soul proof for historical drug addiction in forensic science. Continue reading

How to treat heroin addiction?

There are numerous ways to treat heroin addicts. A long-term addict frequently has to use Methadone for a long phase to reduce the physically powerful withdrawal symptoms of the addiction. By using this stuff, patients can even out and begin rehabilitation. Still, some patients will not at all be capable to continue abstinent for a long time. In such case, it is well to focus on lessening the bodily threat and the possibility of fatality. Continue reading

Reliability of hair sample in 5 panel drug testing

Hair drug testing is the most well-situated and successful method to determine chronological use of drugs in a person. When drugs are addicted by a person, it gets converted in to its byproducts which are called as metabolites up on metabolic process. These drug metabolites are integrated into the organization of the hair, mainly absorbed by hair follicle. By examining hair filament with a gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GCMS) instrument, the characteristics of the drug metabolites can be predicted. Continue reading

The right kind of home drug tests for parents

Home use drug test is the privacy test and can be accessed by every drug abusers at home. Home drug test are supported by home drug test kits. The main reason for drug test for parents at home is to ensure that they are healthy without drugs. Drug addiction by parents may motivate their children to become addicted. Apart from this if parents are drug abusers it could spoil the happy and peaceful environment at the home. Continue reading

Hair drug testing for small businesses

Hair is one of the best specimens in certain cases of hair follicle drug test. Though hair drug test is quite expensive it is the only sample by which drugs can detected even after 90 days of drug addiction. Drugs when are exposed to the human body will get metabolized in to their active metabolites. Metabolites will get dissolved in blood or excreted in the urine. Some of the drug metabolites will get deposited in the fatty substance, in the hair shafts. Drugs which are accumulated in the hair shafts will persist for long time and mixed with it. Drug metabolite becomes one of the nutrients for the hair growth and grows along the hair. Hence it is quite tough to remove the drug metabolite from the hair specimen. Even if you shave or shampoo your hair it does not work. For this reason hair drug test is considered as the effective method compared to other methods of drug testing.

Hair follicle drug testing involves very simple procedure and has become a small business. Hair drug testing can be performed by the professional doctors and skilled labors at lab. Those who are indulged in drug testing work should have lab and instrument technique skill and should know about the drug and its function thoroughly. This will aid them to produce effective and better results. If they do not handle the instrument or sample properly negative result may be reported. Utmost care and sincerity is required to work in drug testing laboratory to produce good report.

Home drug test hair is also available in the form of hair drug test kit which can be purchased from the medical shops. Drug testing hair sample provides the enough information about the drug addiction in a person. Thus hair sample is considered to be more valuable sample.