Drug Testing In Public School

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Common Drugs That Are Detected Through Drug Testing

There are an extensive variety of drugs that are abused by the people for non-therapeutic effects and there are special testing kits that are used to distinguish the existence of these drugs. The drug addictive effectiveness differs from the drug ingested from person to person.

The following are some of the common drugs that are abused by the individuals, which can be detected with different testing devices meant for amphetamine drug test, barbiturate screening, benzodiazepine drug screening, drug test cocaine, oralert tests for marijuana etcetera.

Amphetamines (AMP):

This is a schedule II banned drug used according to the recommendation, which is also easy to get in the illegitimate market. These drugs are the stimulants that have an effect on the brain and body rapidly. These are psychologically addictive and if the addicted person stops using them will face various problems like, assault, anger and anxiety.

Barbiturates (BAR):

These drugs are central nervous system downers that are used to repair the tranquilizers, mesmerizing and anticonvulsants. Its effects are parallel to that of alcohol insobriety. Continuous abuse of barbiturate can lead to clinically significant stage of tolerance and physical dependence.

Benzodiazepines (BZO):

It is usually predetermined for analytical management of hostility and sleeplessness. Benzodiazepines are also used for tranquilizers in surgeries and medical practices. Frequent utilization of these drugs can lead to lift up the risk of physical addiction. Valium and Versed are examples of Benzodiazepines.

Cocaine (COC):

It is a narcotic and a vigorous stimulant for central nervous system, which brings extreme strength and edginess. This drug results into hypnotics, over-sensitivity and paroxysm. Extreme use of cocaine causes fever, tactlessness, panting problem and even coma.

Marijuana (THC):

This drug produces ecstatic effects, which mainly has Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If they are used incessantly for longtime it causes mutilation or short-term memory loss, behavioral turmoil and slow learning.

Methamphetamine (mAMP):

Addictive stimulant drug, which kindle certain systems in the brain is closely related to the amphetamine and has higher effects than that. Consuming mAMP can have effects such as unease, psychotic behavior, drowsiness and obsession.

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA):

It is a special drug, which was first created for curative purposes for obese people. The insensitive effects of MDMA are nervousness and sweating. Occasionally it increases blood pressure and heart rate.

Why is Drug Testing Important?

Drug Testing Programs are measures that companies and administrators of an organization carry out in order to put off drug abuse by the individuals who are liable to them.

Drug testing in the workplace has become popular that it has turned out to be an integral part of most companies’ employee screening procedures and workplace drug test. The employer drug test is normally done in order to examine the samples, by which any illegal drug use by workers can be found out, before an offer is made or at random periods after hiring for random drug testing in the workplace.

A drug test can also be used to assess possible unintended or deliberate overdose or intoxications, to monitor conformity with a drug rehabilitation agenda, and to establish the existence or nonappearance of drugs for medical and or legal purposes.

Drug testing helps the company to keep a stern vigil on the employees and keep the workplace healthy. Such test ensures that employees are secure, in good physical shape and working to the greatest of their ability. Different types of drug test kits are obtainable in the market and they are hair drug tests, urine drug tests, and saliva drug tests and spray drug tests all of which have their individual merits and demerits.

Looking at the several paybacks coming from drug tests it has not only become obligatory for some companies but it has become a preliminary compulsion also for university or college admittance by the use of sports scholarship or during a physical contest to learn about teen drug use and abuse.

These easy to use drug-testing kits is of great help to the bothered families found with certain sort of panic of youngsters using up drugs which is fashion for the youngster. They also can easily decide whether or not their child is misusing drugs and can take the indispensable and astute actions to help them beat their irrepressible push for drugs.

Integrated Cup Testing

When you test for a single drug in urine, the process is quite easy. All you have to do is to dip the strip in the urine sample collected and wait for few minutes and then interpret the results. But when it comes to testing of multi drugs like morphine, cocaine, THC, PCP, amphetamines, etc for the purpose of work places or schools, testing becomes quite a task. For instance you have a work force of 50 people and you plan for random drug testing, then you have to handle a lot of samples, then dip them one by one and then interpret it later. Now you have an alternative called the integrated cup testing.

The I cup testing is a simple and one step procedure where you are given with sterile cups which serve as containers for collecting urine. It further has in built test panel which rules out the necessity for the handling of specimens. It is just a combination of the drug testing panel and the collection cups. The multi drug panels that are usually available are cocaine, THC, MDMA, TCA, methadone, BZDs and opiates. It can also be more than 6 up to 10 or even more depending upon the capacity of the collection cups.

Mostly this icup drug test is combined with the adulteration test which detects the presence of adulterants in the urine sample. It has an inbuilt temperature strip in the cup. These tests are FDA cleared and has the unique capacity of physically separating the sample that undergoes testing from the collected urine. This makes way for the additional testing of the specimen if required.

This icup test is highly advantageous in the work place testing and schools. In these cases, you would not have any idea what sort of drug they would be using. The smaller size of the integrated testing cups has made it easy to store. It also reduces the shipping costs. It has a unique Xerox feature where you can lay down the cup on its side and photocopy the results for further records and it can be done with out any leakage.

The icup drug tests are so integrated that the tester does not come in touch with the urine. It produces results within few minutes with accuracy about 99%. You do not have to turn the cup. You just have to put the key in and push.

Integrated Test Cup

Security of integrated cup test

Integrated cup test has inbuilt thermometer strip and adulteration test strip that confirms if the urine specimen is not a diluted or adulterated one. A drug test cup that does not have the integrity testing facility is less safe, because there is a high risk for people having contaminated the specimen with dilution and detoxification techniques. The integrity of the sample can be automatically tested without having to use any dip methods because the strips are integrated within the cup and the genuine samples can be easily identified.

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