Chronic Addiction – Neurological Signal Systems – Drug Testing For Lortab

Anyone with a drug problem is definitely facing problems with work. Even if the addict or the person who is not using drugs acknowledging the issue, it does exist and it just means that they are not able to realize the complications and impact of drug abuse in to their work place. Continue reading

Negative Effects of Morphine on Human Body and Brain

Morphine is a potent opiate analgesic drug that directly effects the central nervous system. It is generally prescribed to manage pain after surgeries. It has neurotoxic effects on brain and is very addictive. Many people are getting addicted to Morphine unaware of its adverse effects on health.

Side effects Continue reading

Saliva Drug Testing – Integrated Oral Drug Testing

Technology has caught up with drug testing and things are getting far easier. Completely integrated oral drug testing systems like the saliva drug testing cassettes are becoming very popular. Continue reading

Withdrawal from opioids

Withdrawal of opioids is also referred to as Dope sickness. About 9% of the American population is supposed to abuse opiates more than the course of their life span, as well as illicit drugs like heroin and prescribed medications for example OxyContin. Continue reading

Opiate addiction among teens

Opiate addictions among all teenagers make bigger elsewhere in a stretched history of serious complexity in living. Opiates are widely marketed in streets in various street names. As the way to purchase opiates go easier most of the teens are addicted to opiates. Continue reading

Effective drug treatment

As all we know that drug addiction is a complex illness which is characterized by intense, uncontrollable craving for drugs. Though the course to drug addiction commences by means of the deliberate work of taking drugs over time a person’s capability to decide not to do so develop into negotiation, and looking for and overwhelming the drug turn out to be habitual. Continue reading

Second hand smoke test

Second hand smoking is another sobbing matter that has been started in companies and disturbing the works. Second hand smoke is practiced with marijuana and crack cocaine. Marijuana and cocaine are easily available in streets with various types of street names. As it is easy to purchase most of the people are getting addicted to the drugs. Second hand smoking is increasing in work place as the workers are easily exposed to the drugs by means of other worker’s usage. Marijuana contains THC as the active ingredient which is more harmful to the user. It can create both physical and mental illness to the user. Drugs upon metabolic process will get converted in to metabolites which are actively getting settled in the hair follicles. Continue reading

Say no to drugs – drug test for ecstasy

Drugs are hazardous to the people who abuse them. Moreover the people who are around those who go with drugs can be damaged in various ways. Saying NO TO DRUGS seems to be smart and sounds better which helps to protect one’s life and others from hazardous. Continue reading

Emergency treatment for drug over dose – drug screen tricyclic antidepressant

If a drug overdose is revealed or suspected and the user is down for the breathe count with seizure, or lifeless then the user must seek emergency treatment. If the person is with over dose drug abuse and not having warning sign then he must be admitted in a poisonous control center at once without delaying. Enough information about the drug abuse must be provided to the poison control center so that they can assist to conclude what the next track of stroke should be. Continue reading