Urinalysis in the military

An active drug testing program was conducted in military camp to ensure that army people are free from substance. People who are in military are subjected for drug testing before and after selection to the army. They are monitored every month. Urine samples are collected from all the military people for urinalysis. This drug test helps them to become alert and work forcefully. Random drug testing is performed every month apart from it if any suspected individual happens to drug abuse they should take drug test. Continue reading

Clia Waived Drug Tests – Preliminary Positives

Drug addiction is the continuous compulsory uptake of drugs for pleasure. Drug addiction is a wide spread sobbing disease. The drug addicted people are at high risk facing many problems related with work, family, and friends. It mainly affects the working people who are addicted with drug during work hours. The core reason for the drug addiction by the work people are stress, ill-treatment and force imposed from the high authorities. This stress urges workers to addict drugs to feel relaxed. But this becomes a trouble shooting for workers in work place. Continue reading