Smoking Marijuana Can Make Driving Dangerous

Marijuana mainly targets the brain cells and alters its activity. THC is not good to the brain. THC locates brain cells, or neurons, by means of particular type of receptors called cannabinoid receptors and attach to them. Continue reading

Withdrawal from opioids

Withdrawal of opioids is also referred to as Dope sickness. About 9% of the American population is supposed to abuse opiates more than the course of their life span, as well as illicit drugs like heroin and prescribed medications for example OxyContin. Continue reading

Different phases of counseling program

Counseling program is the effectively functioning part of the drug rehab programs. Counseling to a drug addict will change the attitude of the addicts to lead a drug free life. Counseling in a drug rehab is categorized in to four phases which is given depending on the addiction problem in the patients. Continue reading