Self-Medication And Addiction – Alprazolam Drug Test

Self-medication actually refers to using a therapeutic drug; however, without the consent of the physician or without the prescription of the physician. The stuff to note, self-medication has crossed the limits of therapeutic usage, used for addictive and recreational purposes. Continue reading

Juvenile Offenders – Athletic Drug Testing

The numbers of juvenile offenders is increasing each year. It is important to screen every juvenile offender for probable abuse. Identifying abusers will enable quick treatment easing drug abuse prevention at an earlier stage. Continue reading

Valium Drug Testing – Ingestion Time and Detectable Level

If you have been on Valium in the past to get better for the hellish anxiety, if you have been unlucky to dose on it without prescription of late; you can feel like you are screwed if you get a call letter for an interview and a drug test from your employer. Continue reading