Short and Long Term Effects of Alcohol, Marijuana and Cocaine Abuse on Human Body

Drug abuse is one of the major health concerns in United States today. Drugs affect various parts of human body and impair their normal functioning. People know that drug abuse is very dangerous, but many of them don’t know its exact effects. It is very important to understand the short and long term effects of drugs and alcohol abuse on human body to stay away from them. Here we will discuss about some of the effects of commonly abused drugs such as Alcohol, Marijuana and Cocaine.

Before discussing about the short and long term effects of these drugs, here is a brief overview on each drug.

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Impact of Nicotine Addiction on Central Nervous System and Heart

Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known till date. It is very hard to get rid of Nicotine addiction. As per the latest reports in 2009, released by National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 27.7% of American population, aged 12 or older, are tobacco users. Due to the presence of Nicotine, Tobacco is categorized as an illicit drug by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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Information about Common Drug Testing Methods

The need for drug testing is increasing with the number of drug abusers increasing day by day. Drug testing became very common and has its own importance in fields like law enforcement, sports, etc. Nowadays, drug testing is also used at workplaces to identify the drug abusing prospective and current employees. Many schools and homes are also using drug testing methods to detect child drug abuse habits.

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