Different phases of counseling program

Counseling program is the effectively functioning part of the drug rehab programs. Counseling to a drug addict will change the attitude of the addicts to lead a drug free life. Counseling in a drug rehab is categorized in to four phases which is given depending on the addiction problem in the patients. Continue reading

Immuno chromatographic technique for cigarette drug testing

Cigarette smoking is commonly found in almost all groups of people in the society. As the consequences of cigarette smoking are very dangerous leading to cancer, heart stroke and other breathing difficulty, immediate treatment is required to overcome the smoking. Lot of methods is available to overcome the cigarette smoking, one among that is drug testing for cigarettes. Drug testing for smoking utilize the principle of immuno chromatography. Continue reading

Cigarette smoking

The information and consciousness of the health hazards linked with contact to tobacco foodstuffs, particularly smoking cigarettes, is sound recognized. Cigarette smoking has been recognized as one of the most important causes of fatality and sickness in the U.S. Continue reading

Effects Of Marijuana Use On Human Body

Marijuana generally refers to the leaves and flowering buds of the Cannabis plant. It is a psychoactive drug and contains over 400 chemicals. Of them, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main active chemical ingredient that produces short-term harmful effects such as depression, anxiety, distorted perceptions, memory impairment, and difficulty in thinking. Manijuana is mostly abused as it gives a feeling of high or euphoria immediately and can last for 1-3 hours.

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Cons of school drug testing

Though schools have created a plat form for eradicating the drugs from teens yet there exist cons for it. The main goal of drug testing in school is to lessen the drugs from the environment. But the mandatory drug testing and random drug testing has some cons in the schools. Most of the students feel that their civil rights and liberties are at danger. Moreover they believe that if the random drug is conducted in the school, it pays the flood gate for other close observation and monitoring their rights upon. Continue reading

Drug testing laws

Drug testing laws have given lot of rights to the public as well lot of harsh punishments when in wrong path. Drug testing law states that there is no necessity to submit the sample if they do not want to do. It works up to your rights. And at the same time the consequences are as much equal in the case when a person is failed in drug test and until he is proven innocent. A state law and municipal law suggest that an employer has all sole rights to fire on the employee and to terminate without any prior notice. Continue reading

Positive drug test in employee

Reaction to Failing in drug testing depends on an employer’s potential policy about drug abuse. In drug testing laws, an employer may officially have excellent reason to shoot or reject promotion, as potential employers may reasonably reject to appoint a candidate. If a candidate is fired for failing a drug test or if he injures himself and then test positive, state or limited drug testing laws may still permit an employer to reject a candidate being without a job, employee’s payment or disability benefits. Continue reading

Meth addiction recovery

Are you looking forward to stop using drugs? It is a god idea and you do not want wait for a long time to get out of drugs. People trying to get out of drugs should understand about the addiction first so that addiction can be quitted hopefully. Continue reading