How to Take OrAlert Oral Test

Saliva drug test or Oral drug test is the ideal for drug testing at both home and work place. These tests are equivalent to urine drug test in accuracy, process, quick results etc. This is an efficient form of drug testing and enables to employ the random drug testing programs. This is one of the popular drug test methods used to find drug abuse instantly.

OrAlert oral test detects the six most common abused drugs. This test detects the abnormal concentrations of different drugs at a time using oral fluids. Collection of specimen for this test is simple without any issues of adulteration or manipulation.

Why is the test conducted?
OrAlert oral test detects the increased levels of drug concentrations in human oral fluid. This test is used to detect the presence of amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, phencyclidine and their metabolites in oral fluids by utilizing the monoclonal antibodies.

How to do the test:
Allow the OrAlert oral fluid drug screen device to reach the room temperature before testing. Use the test as soon as possible after removing the test device and the cap from the sealed pouch. Insert the sponge end of the collector into the mouth between the tongue and upper portion the mouth. As the sponge softens slightly, the donor should press the sponge between tongue and teeth to ensure the complete saturation. Insert the collector in the mouth for three minutes. Then insert the collector into the test device by pushing it into the chamber and turning the collector clockwise. Wait for a minute, rotate the collection chamber anticlockwise and set the timer for nine minutes. Take the results after nine minutes.

For a positive result, when the drug concentration is above the detectable level, a colored line appears in the control region (C) and no line appears in the test region (Drug /T). For a negative result, two lines appear. One colored line in the control region(C) and another apparent colored line appears in the adjacent test region (Drug/T). Control lines fail to appear in an invalid result that can be caused by insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques.

This test provides preliminary analytical test results. In order to obtain confirmed analytical results, more specific alternate chemical methods like Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and gas chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (GC/MS/MS) can be administered, particularly when preliminary results are positive.
OrAlert Oral Test is simple and fast that can be conducted by anyone. It is a donor friendly system, which is hassle-free to detect multiple drugs at on shot.

Drug Testing For Heroin

Heroin is popular among high school and college grads. According to the Monitoring The Future study, 1.3% of the 8th grade students abused heroin in their past lifetime, and .8% in the past year, and .4% in the past month. The percentages were much higher in the 10th and 12th grads. These alarming numbers tells the need for active heroin drug testing at schools, colleges, and other places to deter the drug abuse.
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