Breathalyzer Portable

Breathalyzer was invented by Borkenstien of the Indiana State police in 1954. It was extensively used by law enforcement agencies to approximate the BAC of individuals (Blood Alcohol Concentration). It was in use until 1990 when the other devices were replaced.

A Typical Breathalyzer device used to be one that contains:

· A method to trial the breath of the suspect

· Two glass vials containing the chemical effect fusion

· A technique of photocells related to a meter to find the measure of color change related with the chemical fusion.

· The donor breathes into the device to measure alcohol.

· The test breath to the vial is put through a mixture of sulfuric acid, potassium dichromate, silver nitrate and water.

This was the traditional method of testing for alcohol. Today things are lot better indeed.

Breathalyzer test:

Breathalyzers and other breath testers may be inexact and often can lead to unjust fines, imprisonment, loss of employment, and other serious problems but you needn’t worry if you choose not to drink, to maintain a low BAC, or to use a designated driver.

Now, even though a person may refuse to get the breathalyzer test, if a person does neglect at that time of the test, they will be suspected for alcohol use and it is possible that they will suspect that he/she is guilty and the person’s driver’s permit will be suspended for a period of 90days. This postponement might happen even if the person is not convicted at test.

A portable breathalyzer offers more than just a mode for the drinker to detect the alcohol level the minute when his dependence has put him in requirement of a selected driver. A portable breathalyzer can also help the host or hostess in a party to evaluate the situation of guests in festivity as they are regarding to depart. The host might advice the festivity guest to reach their residence through taking a cab or else they might even find a judicious guest at the festivity or anyone else that will be willing to give them a ride. A good hostess might not want to see a police officer testing one of the party guests breathing of alcohol. A good host takes all reliable measure to prevent drunken driving tickets.

There are a lot of cheap affordable breath tester sales these days especially if friends pool together to get them in bulk. There are small pocket sized handheld gadget models and even key chain model digital brethalyzers are for sale. When drinking and driving use these modern gadgets to calculate your BAC level approximately and check your breath to make sure that you are driving lawfully to make double sure that you are not driving with illegal BAC levels. These gadgets generally include an capable of hearing alert that will helps you to know when you are over the permissible limits so you can settle out of danger from the law.

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Employee Drug Screens

Anytime you apply for a new position or job in the US the ultimate activity will be to have you put on drug testing for pre employment.  Pre-employment employee drug screens can be frightening if you had not been straight over the past few days with either smoking or binging on some drugs.  Employees are ready to pay the costs of employee drug test kits because it saves them from a whole bunch of costly hiring mistakes.  Hiring the right kind of people is pretty much a big deal in almost all businesses and it is very true in some of the volatile businesses that are short lived, but can help the owner make enough money with a good work force.

According to reports from the Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, those employees who do drugs bring almost all their problems with them to the work place in the form of reduced productivity, increased abstinence from work and decreasing the turnover of the company, increased the health care costs that should be sponsored by the employer, and slowly leading to higher occurrence of workplace robbery and brutality. Those that do drugs are likely to be involved in a workplace accident and they are multiple times more vulnerable to file workers’ compensation claims.

The awareness of such alarming information has caused organizations to implement policies that require drug tests on employees and job applicants.  The need to deny employment to any candidates whose test results come back positive is pretty much practical and grace and mercy is never good in such cases, because the business might be under stakes if abusers are given mercy to be continuing to work; however, before instituting such policies, the employers must be aware of how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) view employee drug test.

The ADA prohibits private employers that have 15 or more employees from discerning against qualified individuals with inabilities, it firmly limits an employer’s right to put forward job applicants to medical examinations.  In the pre-employment context, this prohibition against pre-employment medical examinations is made to ensure that an applicant’s probable hidden disability, which may be revealed by medical examinations, might not be considered prior to the employer evaluating the applicant’s non-medical qualifications.

The ADA’s exclusion against pre-employment medical examinations is relaxed after an offer of employment or a “conditional job offer” is made.  The employer can submit the conditional employee to a medical examination for drug testing, but only if the testing be being done for all employees entering that job category; however, if after the conditional offer it they test positive on drug tests the employer has the right to deny the job offer.

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Drug Abuse Intervention

Are the teens really interested in doing drugs? This question has been put across to hundreds of college presidents and a number of heads of schools. A lot of statistical studies reveal that a majority of the freshmen are not interested in doing drugs or alcohol.  This is because they are not really working hard in their high school to pay for parties nor do their families pay them to get intoxicated and high over the weekend.  Since most of the teens have a preference to be sober, colleges should take advantage of their willingness to be sober by preventing drug abuse in teen by performing frequent drug tests so that they do not change their love for sobriety due to peer pressure.

Yes, Peer pressure can change it all.  On rotten apple can spoil the whole apple.  Early drug abuse information can help in proactive prevention.  Proactive prevention is a method of drug abuse intervention where a major of freshmen that are coming away from home for the first time in their lives for the sake of education are put together in groups with nondrinkers and sober minded peers so that they do not catch up with the trouble of drugs or drinking.

Drug abuse photo and drug abuse picture can be used by schools to create a culture against culture and to education freshmen on how bad drugs and drinking truly are.  Freshmen need weeks of support and training to learn to be abstainers even if there is going to be peer pressure.  This can be done by having them actively engaging them in activities that do not involved formal or informal drinking parties.  Formal drinking is a great way that can lead to binge drinking.  It is better to avoid formal drinking too!

Housing and accommodation plays a major role in drinking and abusive habits.  Those that live in single rooms are less vulnerable than those that are in doubles.  And, on campus housing also plays a role in preventing vulnerability to drugs and drinking.  College heads should work in close relationship with the cops in identifying bars that entertain under-age drinkers and they have to ensure zero-tolerance against any form of drinking or drugs by random drug testing and related activities.  These should be put in to practice even if there is going to be strong protests from parents and from alumni that are pretty well-moneyed.  Such, an environmental management of student behavior can bring in a magic change among students.

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Drug Test Detox

There is a lot of difference between solving a problem and managing it.  Using drug test detox drink is similar to managing the problem of abuse and it is not an approach to solve abuse.  The success in dealing with detox passing a drug test by those that are chronically addicted has prompted many others to be trying it, and this has in turn caused the testing industries in coming up with test methods that can identify drug test detox samples that are adulterated with drug testing detox product.

Detox to pass drug screen is not the best method to rescue oneself from drug tests.  Rather it is short-term and might definitely fail when employers switch over to stable test methods that can detect detox attempts.  The Federal government is the single largest employer in the country, and the drug testing programs meant for its employees is more sophisticated and advanced than those ordinary tests that are being used by other private employers.

Social and political changes have resulted in a massive growth of the drug testing industry that consists of the interest of lot of companies that have a financial stake in their anti-drug use strategies.  The drug testing industry by itself is pretty diverse and the consequences of drug testing policies do play a crucial role in the materialization of a new and fragmented detox industry.

The current levels of advancement in drug testing methods and wide use of detox detection methods in samples is due to the influence of the government and its mandates; however, with industrial entrance and federal government compulsion of specific industries states passed their own legislation to create drug free workplaces in a way to provide with employers that opportunities to increase their productivity levels and enhance their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Detox drug testing is on the increase amount the Fortune 500 companies that are not ready to compromise on testing in samples that have flaws and dilution factors in them.  Recent studies have revealed that detox drug testing has leveled off and truly they have decreased slightly in most cases among small businesses.  Ironically the statistics about drug testing reveals that the rate of drug testing among workers that are employed in smaller businesses is more than those that are employed in larger businesses.  Therefore, it is very important for small businesses to be less ignorant about detox drug testing methods.  Many small businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to be specific about testing the viability of samples than just testing them on panel tests.

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Drug Detection Times in Urine

Alcohol is the most abused drug, drug testing methods are always considered to test for alcohol in combination with other regular drug tests.  The concept of having addicts recover is pretty difficult and equally difficult is the task of tracking up those that have abused drugs within drug detection times in the blood or drug detection times in urine.  The important part to be considered when scheduling the drug detection timetable is to make sure that the tests are done before the half life and the drug detection period is exhausted.

The process of scheduling drug tests within the detection times might not be as complicated as going for drug dog detection services, but it will be enough if the tests are scheduled just after a vacation or weekend because this is the most vulnerable time when one might be trying to do drugs.

•    Amphetamines have a detection period of 2 to 5 days.
•    Barbiturates that are short-acting have a detection period of 2 days.
•    Barbiturates that are long -acting have a detection period of 3 to 4 weeks.
•    Benzodiazepines have a detection period of 7 to 10 days.
•    Cannabinoids (THC, Marijuana) have a varying degree of detection period based on the intensity of usage:-
1.    A single time usage will have a detection period of 5 to 8 days.
2.    2 to 4 times usage per month will have a detection period of 11 to 18 days.
3.    2 to 4 times usage per week will have a detection period of 23 to 35 days.
4.    5 to 6 times per week will have a detection period of 33 to 48 days.
5.    Daily usage of Cannabinoids will have a detection period of 49 to 63 days.
•    Clenbuterol shows a detection period of 4 to 6 days.
•    Cocaine shows a detection period of 1 to 4 days.
•    Codeine shows a detection period of 5 to 7 days.
•    Euphorics like ecstasy and shrooms, Ketamine (special K), methamphetamines, and opiates have a detection period of 5 to 7 days.
•    LSD-Acid has a detection period of 7 to 10 days.
•    Nicotine has a detection period of 4 to 10 days.
•    Phencyclidine can be detected for just 2 to 4 days.
•    Propoxyphene can be detected from 6 hours to 4 days.
•    Phenobarbital can be detected from 10 to 20 days.
•    Anabolic oral steroids have a detection period of 14 to 28 days.
•    Anabolic steroids taken parenterally have a detection period of 1 to 3 months.

In cases where you fail a drug test due to false positives, no panics, if you are not really guilty and the positive is due to cross reactivity the MRO will be able to identify it out for you if you take time to discuss with the MRO about your prescription pills or over the counter pills.

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Drug Test For Smoking

Smoking can be categorized as never smoke, seldom smoke, occasionally smoke, frequently smoke, always smoke. The following are the most popular reasons that were given by smokers:-
•    Smoking to keep self from slowing down.
•    Smoking is a pleasant and relaxing tool.
•    Handling cigars is an enjoyment in itself.
•    I smoke when I am upset.
•    When I run out of cigarettes, I am simply not comfortable.
•    I smoke impromptu and automatically and most of the time I am not aware I have started to smoke.
•    I feel perked when I smoke.
•    I love the route to smoking, especially the way I light it up.
•    I get a real hunger for cigars when I have not smoked for a while.
•    When my cares stress me, I smoke to take my mind off cares.
•    I love to let smoke shows in circles!
•    Many times I light up another cigar when I still have the old one in the tray.

Overall the reasons for smoking can be truncated to stimulation, handling, pleasure, relaxation, tension reduction, craving or a habit.  Whatever be the case, most employers are not happy about it, because they have realized smoking increases the money they need to spend on medical insurance for the smoking employee.  They do Cotinine tests, cotinine urine test, cotinine urine test kit, drug test for smoking, drug test nicotine etcetera to detect smoking.

Smoking tobacco causes the absorption of nicotine via the lung and the nasal epithelium.  After this occurs nicotine is metabolized in to approximately 20 different metabolic products and then it is excreted in the urine.  Cotinine is the major metabolite of this process and it accumulates in the body as a consequence of regular smoking. Cotinine has a longer half life than all other metabolites of approximately 17 hours.  The detection of cotinine is for this reason less dependent on the time the sample is collected.  Cotinine is one of the successfully used biomarker of tobacco.

There is no need to got for complicated testing methods to detect cotinine, there are several strip tests for detecting cotinine within minutes.  The confirmatory analysis can be done by GC, GC/MS, HPLC, HPLC-mass spectrometry, EIA and RIA later on.  Remember, passive smoking can cause more dangers than you can imagine.  Your spouse or kids who are nonsmoker can be quickly vulnerable to smoking related issues if you are a smoker. Quit smoking for the welfare of your family.

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Know About Specimen Validity Test and Adulterants Tested In It

Specimen validity testing refers to the tests conducted by laboratories to determine if a urine specimen is diluted, adulterated or substituted. Prior to urine drug testing, specimen validity test is conducted to know whether the specimen is tampered or not. To report a specimen as tampered, laboratories conduct an initial validity test and a confirmatory validity test. Oxidants, Creatinine, Specific Gravity and PH are few substances detected in specimen validity test. Continue reading

Urine Test Kit

The challenging aspect to urine test kit when it comes to urine testing for alcohol or other drugs as a urine test in rapid selection is the interference of medical drugs leading to false positive arguments.  Most of the dangerous and potentially binged drugs have legit uses in the medical industry.  For instance, morphine has a wide application in the medical field as an opiate analgesic drug.  Most drugs that have a potential for causing addiction are being used under controlled therapy as long as the illness being treated is not addiction.  When it comes to treating addiction the potentially habit forming drug is restricted or are given under strict supervision without refills.

Until recently most people did not consider alcohol and tobacco to be drugs because they were approved for use beyond a certain age! Sadly, even today international treaties are not considering them to be drugs; however, the use of these 2 products is legally prohibited until a certain age. There are many formal and informal methods of conduct that are intolerant to the use of alcohol and tobacco by adults like the workplace urine test fact as a consequence of urine test that is positive for drugs or alcohol.

Many people recognize and support the need of a social rule that declares alcohol and tobacco use by adults as illegal and some are fighting to make some of the illegal drugs to be legal for the sake of medicine.  Such opinions are already facing a wide public debate.  The use of illegal drugs or alcohol is unhealthy and criminal per contracts in workplace and in some other organizations.  There is a need for a forceful and informal punishments and legal punishments for such issues.

An important thing to be shared with people that are considering drug use to be fun is to realize that fun is something that can be shared honestly with everyone.  When you are not able to share the kind of fun you experience with drugs then something is wrong somewhere and you got to realize it. Happiness with a kind of guilt is definitely going to lead to some kind of disaster.  Participate in meetings that are meant for rehabilitation and share your experiences with drugs and listen to those that have achieved sobriety over time.  This can indeed be a way to achieve sobriety. Never fear urine tests in your workplace for if you are not guilty you need not fear them.  If you are guilty better seek counseling and help.  A bit of recharge, help, and open discussion can work miracles.

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Urine Drug Testing Prescription

Drug users might not have chosen drugs, illness or closeness to death by knowing they are doing it. Most of them just slipped in to it until one fine day they realized after urine drug testing from the urine drug test result that they are reaching some alarming levels of positives. If there was not any kind of urine drug testing prescription or compulsory urinary drug test or alcohol in urine test dishonesty would for sure hide away the fact that someone has been doing drugs.  The modern drug testing methods do have a comprehensive system that is designed to be pretty safe and reliable.  The primary screening test is less expensive and reliable.  It can be done for anything ranging from alcohol through all classes of drugs. More than one drug can be tested for in a single dip.

The fate of urine drug testing can be done as follows:
•    An initial screening test with strips or card testing.
•    A confirmatory test if the test is positive.
•    Medical review office authorizing that the positive is due to abuse or considering that facts based on prescription and OTC drugs having caused the positive.

In cases where the positive is due to cross reactivity the medical review officer reviews the lab results in combination with the medicines that is used by the donor and in cases where the positive is due to the OTC or prescription drugs used by the donor, the test is reported to be negative to the employer! So no worries if you are genuine.

The standard in most of the workplaces today is to be retaining the samples for at least a year in cases where the employee disputes a positive drug test result. The complete drug test system will never produce false positives.  And, labs ensure that the positives are not reported if they were due to medicinal interferences.

Drugs are dream boomers; however, they give false and harmful dreams to the abusing addict and they rob individuals of families and leave the communities without any kind of hope at all.  Drug tests are those that can crack and explore the truth behind the refusal of abusers and those that are already abusing can be brought back to life by the healing forces of family and friends and by proper and timely use of drug testing strips.  Since drug testing makes a great reason to be called as an anti-abuse product, it is a must for every workplace to make use of it periodically to monitor the integrity of their employees.

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Drug Screening Services

Drug screening question is to sharpen clues about the degree of honesty of the donor or perhaps an employee that can be considered for pre-hire testing after being given conditional offer.  There are a lot of drug screening services and regular random drug testing is not new.  There are a lot of arguments that are pretty favorable for drug screening test like drug screening urine, hair, blood etcetera. Almost everyone that is supporting drug testing believes that the public should be protected from the kind of harm that someone that is intoxicated can cause to them.

It is of public interest rather than an interference of privacy to test people and arrive at their addictive behavior by virtue of drug screening result.  Drug abuse is the major factor for some of the very complicating social problems like metal retardation and fetal alcohol syndrome.  Fetal alcohol syndrome is a birth defect that can be caused due to alcohol.  Drug and alcohol related accidents are one of the major causes of death of high school and college students.  This is also true in cases of bulk transportation and shipping misfortune. What it can mean when a bus driver, pilot or signal operator was under influence? Tragedy!

There are a lot of arguments from those that are opposed to drug screening services because they firmly believe that it is a violation of their civil rights and their privacy.  They point out to the 4th amendment in the constitution that warrants “freedom from unwarranted search.” They argue that when it is illegal for the cops to test your home, car or luggage without a reasonable cause how can testing your blood, urine, sweat or hair be justified. They say that drug screening is a major violation of civil rights and privacy.

Drug screening can reveal many facts that someone that might want to maintain as private.  In cases where you are taking the medication for ADD it will test positive for amphetamines.  Therefore it is important that you declare to the MRO that you are taking medication for ADD.  Otherwise the result would be marked positive for amphetamines and they might confirm that you have been using amphetamine illegally.  False positives can occur when someone has been using medications for cold or other sinus related disorders.  Similarly false negative can also occur because the drug was tested before or after the detection time. regardless of all such contradictions among people and procedure drug screening is becoming an integral part in drug detection in every work place, since everyone including those that are refusing and opposing these tests are aware that it is useful and plays an important role in the anti-drug war.

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