Hair drug tests

Hair drug tests are one of the best methods for detecting long term drug use. The drugs that you consume are widely distributed in the body and they make way to the hair follicles and get lodged there for some months. Depending upon the usage of the drug (recreational, short term and long term), the concentration of the drug varies in the hair follicles. Every drug has minimum cut off concentration below which it can not be detected in hair follicle. Some of the commonly tested drugs using the hair samples are amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, PCP and THC.

The hair drug test kit comes with the instruction manual, the self addressed envelope, and other things. All you have to do is to get a hair sample 1.5 inches in length and must be cut as close to the scalp as possible. Every 0.5 inches of the hair sample resembles 1 month. Once you cut a scalp of hair with the thickness of about a shoe lace, then you have to send it to the testing laboratories using the self addressed envelope.

One of the advantages of hair drug testing is that the drug can be detected from the hair from any part of the body. But the rates of growth of hair differ from one another. It usually takes 4 to 5 days for the drug to be detected in the hair follicle after the consumption of the drug. The idea behind this is that the hair must grow above the level of the scalp so that it can be detected. The ability of the hair drug test to detect drug from the hair from any part of the body has made it very popular. Even if the hair is shaven off completely, the hair follicles would still retain them as long as they are replaced.

The hair follicle drug test is done using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry tests. The testing is not restricted to the parent drug rather it is extended even for the metabolites which rules out the possibility of exogenous contamination of drugs.

Before you perform the test, you must gain adequate hair follicle drug test information. Using shampoos, detoxifiers, bleachers, etc would seldom alter the quantitative results of the drug testing. Never mix the hair samples obtained from two different parts of the body. And also never collect the hair samples from the hair brush.

Employment Drug Screening Tests

Pre employment testing includes credit checks, drug testing and reference checks, etc. Now drug testing is the procedure that most of you would fear about. The companies have realized that having drug abusers in work places is a serious affair. So they perform a mandatory drug testing on all the employees as well as the job applicants irrespective of their grade and rank. Employment drug screening tests are done using simple and instant result producing kits that are equipped with adulterant testing too.

Mostly employment drug test alcohol shows alcohol dependence. There are instances where people have been rejected for the reason that their results showed positive result for alcohol in the body. But the person had been only a mild drinker. Sometimes any underlying liver pathology may fail to metabolize the alcohol consumed which leads to cumulative effect of the alcohol in the body though there is no effective system for storage of alcohol in our body. In many cases the drug itself may not be an abuse but any underlying pathology in the body may store the drugs and show up later on testing.

You may never be a user of illicit drugs neither for therapeutic purposes nor for abuse purposes. Yet the employment urine drug test may show positive results for any of the drugs of abuse. This may occur if you had been staying with any guy who smokes THC or cocaine, or any drugs of abuse. The second hand smoke emitted from the other person may lodge in your body in the scalp mainly. And when the company asks for your hair scalp for drug testing it would show positive results regardless of the fact that you never smoked THC. In such cases you have to avoid completely having any sort of intimate relationship with such abusers.

Earlier the federal employment drug testing allowed only drug testing of urine samples alone, but now even hair samples are tested because they can detect drugs up to 3 months after stoppage of use. So even if you had stopped your drug use just 2 months back, your hair sample would make you loses your job.

Florida drug testing provides incentives for their employees who do voluntary drug testing. Moreover companies and work places who maintain a drug free environment are given preference over other companies when it comes for giving bids.

Drug Abuse Center

Once you detect drug in the body of the suspect like kids, employees, etc, the next immediate step is to help them kick off their habit. The drug dependence can be either physical or psychological or sometimes both. You can not immediately make a person stop using drugs of abuse as this would lead to drug with drawl reactions which are sometimes more severe than the normal adverse drug reactions. So you have to beat the problem of drug dependence through a systematic approach taking the guidance of the drug abuse center.

The drug addiction therapy can be discussed at two levels. The first one is to give a substitution therapy that prevents the adverse drug reactions. For instance methadone is used for substitution therapy for morphine addiction. Oral methadone is initially given followed by gradual with drawl of the same. Second phase of treatment focuses on drug abuse counseling. This is meant for building the confidence back in the drug abuse victims and bringing them back to normal. Sometimes they are totally depressed and refuse to change. Many times they are gripped in great spiritual guilt that makes them feel inferior.

Here the drug abuse counselor plays a major role in bringing back the patients to normal. The counselor has to identify the root of the problem. There is always a reason for drug abuse. When the kids are addicted, it is mostly due to social disturbances at home, peer pressure and other child exploitation. When it comes to elders, the major reason is for beating stress. Sometimes they start a medication which later on grows to addiction. Once you identify the problem, you have to choose the appropriate treatment of choice depending upon the addiction.

An extension of this problem is the drug abuse during pregnancy. Many of the illicit drugs are capable of crossing the placental barrier as well as they can be secreted in breast milk. They cause teratogenic effects in the fetus which leads to severe growth and mental abnormalities. Mostly they come under the risk category C. Especially alcohol addiction leads to fetal alcohol syndrome characterized with low IQ baby and growth retardation.

Drug abuse fact is that once the person chooses to use it just once, then the cycle actually starts. So prevention is the best method and if you are taking any such drugs keep a close watch over your system using the home based drug testing kits.

THC Testing

Marijuana detection period

Cannabinoids test testing urine is throwing stones at people that abuse it especially in a work atmosphere. The detection period for THC is pretty unpredictable. Cannabinoid is obtained from marijuana. The leaves of marijuana are usually smoked for its hallucinogenic effects. Some people use it in their tea. The initiation of the hallucinogenic effect of the drug is pretty slow, but it lasts for a considerable amount of time after it gets started.

THC drug screen is a psychoactive material that gets metabolized in to 24 different metabolic byproducts which gets eliminated by urine. A major metabolite of THC that helps the identification of the compound is THCOOH. Most of the confirmatory tests for THC are focused to identify this particular by product.

THC drug test traditionally did produce lots of false positive results, but innovative immunological assays and confirmatory reagent choice and test methods are producing less false positives due to the specificity of these tests. Half life of THC testing is variable and on an average it is found to be 3 days for normal usage. Marijuana drug testing results also vary based on the metabolism. People with a high metabolic rate are likely to exhaust the drug detection period much earlier than those that with slower metabolism would.

Marijuana detection in obese people is likely to show positive for longer than expected periods of time. This is because the metabolites tend to get stored in the fatty lipid tissue. The THC content in the fatty tissue gets slowly released in to the blood stream based on the physical activity of the sample donor for THC drug test. The storage and release of the THC is also dependent upon the amount and frequency of the abuse. Chronic usage naturally leads to accumulation of large amounts of THC in the fatty tissue, thereby leading to long term slow release of the metabolites, which can cause the results to show positive even after cessation of usage. Due to so much of metabolic interferences for THC metabolites the detection period for THC is totally unpredictable.

In short, people that have a rare abusive behavior with a higher activity standard in their life style (increased metabolism) are likely to have the shortest detection time. Those that have chronic abusive behavior with less activity level are likely to have the longest detection time.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Drug abuse and alcoholism claims millions of dollars from the company’s treasury in the form of work place accidents, medical insurance, absenteeism, and lack of productivity. In order to avoid such losses, the employers have devised a mandatory drug and alcohol testing in the work place which is very popular now. But some of the critics say that it is actually an intrusion of the privacy of the individual. But the losses are more than being centered on an individual. The company and its employer are affected. In the case of RTA, some of the common people are victimized.

Every company must have a drug and alcohol testing program. For instance, the Marine Corps follow a zero tolerance policy towards drug addiction. They have to undergo a random drug testing once a year and when they come back from leave, they have to be compulsorily tested for alcohol and drugs. The job applicants for any job must be well informed about the drug testing policy of the company.

Drug and alcohol testing in the work place is an easy process. Now with the integrated cups you can test samples with out handling the specimens. You just have to get the appropriate icup and then collect the urine sample in it and then wait for few minutes. This test is more reliable because the chances of contamination are also less and moreover you have a adulteration testing system along with the cup. This cup testing is for urine samples only. You can also do other forms of testing depending upon the need and the economic comfort. At the same time you also have to be aware of the detection times of the various drugs and the samples where they can be detected.

The drug and alcohol testing program are predominantly focused in maintaining a drug free work place. So even if the employee is found to be positive for any drug, the chances of eliminating them are less. They can be sent for rehabilitation where they are helped to kick off their habit. The employees must also be educated from time to time regarding the various health hazards related to drug abuse. Sometimes the employees may raise a suspicion through their behavior like hangover states. In such cases, you must perform a drug test using the testing kits to confirm or rule out the doubt.

Drug Detection in Urine

Urinalysis is one of the most reliable methods of testing drugs in the body of any individual. The pharmacokinetic profile of most of the drugs of abuse is such that after administration, they are metabolized in the GI mucosa and mainly in the liver and excreted in urine. Sometimes the drugs bypass the first pass metabolism and excrete unchanged in urine. This is the reason why drug detection in urine is widely followed over other methods.

But not all drugs can be detected at the same time. There is always a time interval between the administration of the drug and the time when the drug can be detected in urine. The drug detection period is almost nil for blood and saliva as the drugs circulate in the body only these two medium constantly. It would take several days to weeks and sometimes even months for the drugs to appear in the hair follicle and in the sweat. So before you proceed on to do any drugs test on yourself or your kids or employees or the armed forces, you must have a good knowledge about the drug detection period in the various systems in the body. For instance if any of your employee has consumed a drug just a few minutes back and you want to confirm it, then doing a urine drug test wont be of any use. Blood test would be more reliable in this case.

Another important factor to be considered in drug detection is the cut off concentration. Any drug consumed can be detected only if the drug attains a minimum concentration in the sample tested. This means that drug detection can be useful only if the drug is consumed chronically and has a cumulative effect. The SAMHSA has devised a drug detection table that enumerates the minimum cut off concentrations for the various drugs of abuse and the detection periods for various drugs in different samples.

So before you plan to test your employees for drug abuse, know the drug detection time urine. Sometimes in spite of having a good kit and a good methodology, you may miss it sometimes due to the presence of adulterants.

So when you talk about drug detection times, then you must also rule out the possibility of the use of adulterants. One of novel ways of combating this issue is by doing a random and surprise drug testing.

Drug Test

Being able to implement a legally approved clean drug test as ordained by regulatory agencies for drugs of abuse testing caters to effective work place productivity and successful eradication of drugs. Due to the wide availability of at home drug tests with testing material providers with FDA approval it is possible to do basic screening of drugs right from home without having to fear wrong results. FDA Cleared tests are almost 99.9% percent.

There is going to be a lot of difference between forensic testing methods and clinical testing methods. The decision to buy drug test kits is based purely upon the reliability of the kits. The interpretation of the test results from screening strips does not require lot of technical know how about the pharmacokinetics of the drug. A basic understanding of the appearance and nonappearance of the lines in the strips is all that will be required for at home drug tests.

Passing drugs using certo drug test is becoming a common practice among abusers. A basic recreational usage of drugs over the weekend can lead to a loss of employment if it gets detected in a random drug testing method. Certo products are becoming a target product for those that are trying to beat drug testing. Certo is a product used for canning. This particular product is found to help appear clean for a few hours, but passing with certo does not work with crank, cocaine or crank. All detox products do not flush out every drug abused. There is a specific detox mechanism to detox every kind of drug or group of drugs and related metabolites.

Bleaching is one method that is adopted to dilute the sample. A bit of bleach in the sample dilutes the sample. However, there is no such dilution method that can go undetected if a proper testing methodology is adopted. Several factors ranging from the pH, specific gravity, presence of creatinine and many more tests can clarify sample adulteration these days. Cheap sample containers can sometimes release some chemicals that can dilute the sample. To prevent such dilution and false positives resulting from such dilutions, one will have to make sure that they are purchasing the kit from the provider that is cautious about providing with sample specimen cups as recommended by the FDA.

The long tradition of drug testing combined with latest advancement in testing methods provides with the most reliable testing methods.

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Integrated Cup Testing

When you test for a single drug in urine, the process is quite easy. All you have to do is to dip the strip in the urine sample collected and wait for few minutes and then interpret the results. But when it comes to testing of multi drugs like morphine, cocaine, THC, PCP, amphetamines, etc for the purpose of work places or schools, testing becomes quite a task. For instance you have a work force of 50 people and you plan for random drug testing, then you have to handle a lot of samples, then dip them one by one and then interpret it later. Now you have an alternative called the integrated cup testing.

The I cup testing is a simple and one step procedure where you are given with sterile cups which serve as containers for collecting urine. It further has in built test panel which rules out the necessity for the handling of specimens. It is just a combination of the drug testing panel and the collection cups. The multi drug panels that are usually available are cocaine, THC, MDMA, TCA, methadone, BZDs and opiates. It can also be more than 6 up to 10 or even more depending upon the capacity of the collection cups.

Mostly this icup drug test is combined with the adulteration test which detects the presence of adulterants in the urine sample. It has an inbuilt temperature strip in the cup. These tests are FDA cleared and has the unique capacity of physically separating the sample that undergoes testing from the collected urine. This makes way for the additional testing of the specimen if required.

This icup test is highly advantageous in the work place testing and schools. In these cases, you would not have any idea what sort of drug they would be using. The smaller size of the integrated testing cups has made it easy to store. It also reduces the shipping costs. It has a unique Xerox feature where you can lay down the cup on its side and photocopy the results for further records and it can be done with out any leakage.

The icup drug tests are so integrated that the tester does not come in touch with the urine. It produces results within few minutes with accuracy about 99%. You do not have to turn the cup. You just have to put the key in and push.

Laboratory Testing : Certified drug laboratory testing

Certified drug laboratory testing confirms concerning test positives by reliable and FDA Cleared methods. For cases concerning lab test urine and their reliability, integrity tests help with providing with testing methods that figure out the originality of the sample that is free of dilution and adulteration methods.

There is lot of labs that test for drug in Kentucky in northern regions as well as in other regions for any other kind of related drug testing. There are going to be lot of consequences for test positive samples. There are limited rights for a person to refuse further confirmatory tests in cases where they are tested positive. Every person that is donating samples to the drug testing lab should be made aware of their rights to reject and their lack of rights to refuse in drug tests.

It is very important to clarify the reason and need behind lab test urine to any donor. They need to understand the importance of the test, unless people understand the importance of these tests they are going to get frustrated about how often they are requiring to give the tests.

A drug testing laboratory performs a major role in detecting the presence of drugs in samples and it also confirms the non-performance of workers in driving, errors in driving, helps in figuring out influence of drugs in criminal activities, detecting drugs from samples in autopsy cases, usage of drugs among prisoners, and in the military.

The right choice of the biological sample has a major role in determining the fate of the drug abuse testing. Some drugs are best analyzed in oral samples, while some are better analyzed in urine and some others in hair and blood tests. Based on the kind of drug to be tested, the kind of biological sample to be used can be considered.

There are going to be many substances that interfere with the results of any testing. Some substances can be identified, while some others may not be clearly identified, it is for this reason that almost all immunological assays are reported to be 99.9% and not 100%.

Though the analysis is normally being done by a lab technician, the final results are approved and monitored by a higher official in the lab that supervises the testing methods and the method of analysis used to perform the testing. Before sanctioning and approving the test results the officer confirms that the appropriate method has been employed in bringing out the result of the test.

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Marine Corps Drug Testing

Physical fitness is the main criteria for getting in to the armed forces. The levels of physical fitness are higher for Marine Corps. It is because they have to work under conditions that demand high levels of physical fitness and mental concentration. Sometimes aspirants for the marine forces may be physically fit but may be rejected just because they were users of illicit drugs. Most of the drugs that men commonly use are morphine, cannabinoids, opioids, etc. many of these drug habits would have started as a consequence of some medication like analgesic but later on led to dependence. So the Marine Corps drug testing has got stringent rules for testing their candidates.

Marine Corps drug testing program is not aimed at eliminating the drug abusers rather they want to help them kick off the habit and alleviate the risk factors that predispose to drug abuse. For this reason the DOD has evolved two well defined strategies namely the command education and the urinalysis program.

The aim of the marine drug test program is to educate the corps regarding the harmful effects of the use of illicit drugs and to give them a clear knowledge about the various adverse effects related to it. Many of the corps become drug addicts only after coming to the marine forces owing to the increased stress, boredom, work related problems, etc. Further the program aims at educating the commanding officers and the supervisors in having a thorough knowledge about the drug use among their cadre.

But many times some of the Marine Corps who want to kick of their drug abuse habit suffer because of the zero tolerance policy of the marine forces. But through the marine drug testing program, once the commander identifies such a problem, he would rather help the person in kicking off the habit rather than nailing them to the cross.

The maritime drug testing comprises of a urinalysis program where all the men belonging to a unit are tested annually for the drugs under the compulsory drug testing program. Even the high rank officials are not spared. Nearly 10 % of the unit members are tested monthly under this scheme of random drug testing. If any marine comes to duty after a long leave, he will be tested within the next 72 hours for the presence of any drug. All the results are registered and maintained effectively using software designed exclusively for this purpose.