Urine Drug Test

Urine drug test for athletes

Doping seems to be quite common with athletes that abuse drugs. Integrated test methods for urinalysis drug screening are already thrown to the market to crack through doped and diluted samples, but even still athletes are finding out methods to hide it with comprehensive doping courses that cannot be identified by integrated tests too! The sad thing it that, the counselors for such athletes are those well-trained drug specialists who are aware of the possible side effects
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Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is becoming a major problem next only to marijuana abuse. One of the main reasons for the growth of prescription drug abuse is the easy availability of the medications over the counter from a drug store, from a doctor or through online pharmaceuticals. It is becoming easier mainly to youngsters to access narcotic medications like tranquilizers and stimulants, in which the abuse is rapidly growing. Some of the facts about prescription drug abuse are as follows-

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Drug Screen Kit

Importance of integrated drug screen kit

Drug screening kit eliminates the need to handle pipettes and burettes and colorimeters to perform some basic drug detection tests. The selection of the right drug screen kit protects any company or sports organization from landing up with making negligent recruitment of abusive employees or manipulative athletes.

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Drug Screening

Split samples in drug screening

An advanced and safe drug screening methodology would be to collect the split samples in split specimen cup at the time of the primary sample collection. Split sample cup is an integral part of any corporate drug screening kit to prevent any possible contamination of the sample during the test process. Even if one part of the sample gets contaminated the other half of the sample, which will be collected in a split specimen cup would still be unhandled and uncontaminated and would be available for wholesome use as a pure uncontaminated specimen.

Split sampling collection for any drug screening is important because there are many chances that can validate a need to make more than one testing for a sample. Drug screening policy requires the sample to be tested more than once if it tests positive for a drug to avoid false positive confirmations.

A true drug screening fact is that samples are sent to laboratory for confirmatory test or retesting in cases where the person tested advocates telling that the results are false positive or due to wrong handling of the samples. In such cases, though a drug screening hair test can be obtained, laboratories adopt to do a different method of testing with the split sample that they have. Only after the sampled person further argues about being not guilty over again, a hair test would be warranted.

Traditional specimen collection methods did not have a provision for being able to collect samples separately. All they did was to collect the sample in a specimen cup, take it to the laboratory and split the samples in to further different small cups, to retain some untouched samples to handle discrepancy, such collecting methods had a disadvantage of the samples getting contaminated at the time they get transferred to further small units of samples. The split specimen collection cup eliminates such complexity and provides wholesome security from the sample getting contaminated due to splitting them to small units. Even if it does occur there is always going to be the split specimen for revalidation of the tests.

In the split sampling method the sample is tested for a drug, if it is turning out to be negative, them the sample is dumped, but if the result is going to be positive, it will be sealed and will be sent for further high level analysis to the labs.

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Integrated Test Cup

Security of integrated cup test

Integrated cup test has inbuilt thermometer strip and adulteration test strip that confirms if the urine specimen is not a diluted or adulterated one. A drug test cup that does not have the integrity testing facility is less safe, because there is a high risk for people having contaminated the specimen with dilution and detoxification techniques. The integrity of the sample can be automatically tested without having to use any dip methods because the strips are integrated within the cup and the genuine samples can be easily identified.

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Adulterant Drug Test

Creatinine test urine is normally performed as a part of the comprehensive metabolic panel or the basic metabolic panel (BMP or CMP) tests, which are done to test the functioning of the major organs of the body like liver, kidney etcetera. Creatinine clearance test is performed in most cases in association with BUN (blood, urea, nitrogen), which is a part of the kidney function tests.

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Saliva Drug Test

Noninvasive Cotton drug swab test

Cotton drug swab test is a very small procedure. These tests are quick and noninvasive for purposes related to pre-hire and post hire employee testing for abusive drugs and alcohol. Many varieties of drugs like nicotine, alcohol, amphetamine, morphine, phencyclidine, THC, methamphetamine, and cocaine in the saliva can be tested using swab drug test.

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Drug Screening Tests

Drug screening tests are a group of tests that are done for the qualitative detection of drugs of abuse in the body of the suspect. The traditional method consisted of going to the nearest FDA Cleared laboratory and giving them your sample. Then you have to wait for few days till your get your results. This cost more money and time. But you have a better alternative today. You can do the drug screening procedure at home itself using the home based drug testing kits.

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Effects of Common Club Drugs on Users

Club drugs have become the drugs of choice at night parties and the rave culture. According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), club drugs usually involve multiple substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, and other club drugs. Drugs with alcohol have potential to cause serious intoxication and fatalities. Mixing club drugs are becoming popular for their intoxicating effects produced and the availability in low cost. The person, who wants to intoxicate or sedate others, uses these club drugs frequently.

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Drug test for Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is potent opioid analgesics which are abused by some of its users. Most of such abuse cases start as a medication which on prolonged and unrestricted use leads to physical or psychological dependence. Drug test for Hydrocodone is a simple procedure that takes only five minutes for getting the results. It is detected using the dip stick methods where you have to dip the test strip into the urine sample and wait for the results to appear. Then you have to interpret as per the instructions provided in the instruction manual.
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