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Amphetamine(AMP) Test Card
Amphetamine test card (AMP)

Amphetamine(AMP) Test Card

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The AMP, One Step Amphetamine Test Strip is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of Amphetamines in human urine.

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  • Amphetamine was first synthesized in 1887. The most commonly reported effects of this drug are “a sense of wellbeing”, “a feeling of acceleration, “lesson fatigue and appetite”.
  • It was declared a schedule II drug in the U.S. after a decade of reported abuse of this drug.
  • It is classified as central nervous system stimulant and sympathetic division of the peripheral nervous system. Both pharmaceutical and street uses of amphetamine have a very high risk of addiction and abuse.
  • Besides medical purpose, it is used as a recreational and performance enhancer drug especially by militaries around the world, professionals, college and high school students, baseball players, even truck drivers to increase their stamina and concentration.


  • The immediate physical effects of Amphetamine are dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, flushing, dry mouth, restlessness, hyperactivity, bruxism, headache, high BP, low BP, fever, diarrhea, constipation, blurred vision, numbness, dry and itchy skin, increased palpitation, convulsion, etc.
  • If a strong dose is taken, it can lead to coma, stroke, seizure, heart attack and even death.


  • With chronic and high doses Amphetamine psychosis can occur along with psychosomatic disorders, psychomotor agitation, obsessive and compulsive behavior, paranoia.
  • Other effects are euphoria, increased libido, concentration, energy, self confidence, sociability, etc.
  • It can also lead to obsessive behavior, irritability, aggression, psychotic disorder.
  • Its abuse can lead to a number of psychotic disorders such as paranoia, hallucination, delusions etc. Lots of users fail to make complete recovery from the psychosis even in long term.


  • It increases cardiac output and BP, sudden heart attack, making it dangerous for the user who has history of heart disease, it can prove fatal to them.


  • Many effects of Amphetamine are similar to that of cocaine.
  • Addiction and withdrawal from it are possible.
  • Some of the short term effects are increased heart rate and BP, reduced appetite, dilation of the pupil, feeling of happiness and power, reduced fatigue and increased stamina.


  • Can result in insomnia, restlessness, hallucination, violent and aggressive behavior, weight loss, tremors, paranoid psychosis, liver damage, impotence etc.
  • It can even lead to stunted growth in young people.
  • Damage of gastro intestine which leads to malnutrition, ulcers, unwanted weight loss.
  • Effects on heart-increase in the heart rate, high blood pressure, weak or enlarged heart. Strokes or heart attack.
  • Neurological effect- brain damage, difficulty in speaking, loss of memory, confusion, no clear thinking.
  • Psychological effects-chronic depression, hallucination, delusion, antisocial- behavior, psychosis, paranoia, violent behavior etc.
  • Effects on pregnancy and the newborns from the drug abusing mother- chances of babies born with cleft palate, cardiac defects, development delays, neurological damage etc.


  • The most common street names for amphetamines are "speed" and "uppers,” many of the names come from the appearance of the amphetamine tablets or capsules. Some of the popular names are Amp, Amped, Bennie, Benz, Benzedrine, Black and white, Black mollies, Blue mollies, Bumblebees, Cartwheels, Co-pilot, Coast to coasts, Crisscross, Cross tops,  Dixie's, Dominoes, Eye openers, Footballs, Hearts, Jelly baby, Jelly bean, Leapers, Lid proppers, Lightning, Marathons, Oranges, Pep pills, Rippers, Road dope, Snap, Sparkle plenty, Sweets, Thrusters, Truck drivers, uppers, Wake ups etc.


  • Amphetamine pills can be consumed orally (the effect appears 15min to an hour and peak within2-3 hours.
  • The pills can be crushed and taken intravenously (which always has chances of disease transmission by used needles, improper techniques).
  • It can be vaporized in glass pipes, the crushed powder can be snorted (produces a more rapid high) or sniffed.
  • The powder or the gel from the capsule can be applied rectally or vaginally (the effect come more quickly than orally and last longer).


  • The effects of amphetamine are similar to cocaine. Constant use leads to higher dose to get the same effect of high, the risk of side effects and their severity increases drastically.
  • The result may be loss of job, profession, career, education, family, friends, housing and finances.
  • An early detection of the abuse of amphetamine can prevent a lot of damage.
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