TCA drug testing

TCA is the antidepressant drug; it is been misused from long time as illicit drugs. TCA drug addiction can be detected by the test strips which are available in a kit which is called as drug stick tricyclic.

TCA can be predicted by the one step tricyclic antidepressants test strips. Tricyclic drug testing involves lateral flow chromatographic immuno assay with the concentration cut off of 1000 ng/ml. this test is also used to detect other TCA antidepressants.

As per the information one step prediction for TCA is the rapid and reliable among other tests. It does not utilize any instrument in the test. Rather it use antibody to detect the presence of TCA in the sample. When the presence of TCA in the urine exceeds the cut off level then this test will produce positive result. This one step detection is approved by FDA and simple to use and read the drugs in the urine sample.

Urine sample is collected from the suspected individual and are kept at room temperature. Note that TCA test card which stored at cool place should also be brought to room temperature. Remove the wet absorbent cotton from the pouch. Test strip are designed with arrow marks pointing downwards. Immerse the strip in to the urine sample and hold it for 10 – 15 seconds. Do not immerse the strip above the maximum line. Then place the strip over the nonabsorbent surface and initiate the timer and wait for red line to appear. Results can be noted at 5 minutes and do not interpret the results if it exceeds 10 minutes.

This test is also referred to as antidepressant drug testing and drug screen tri cyclic antidepressants. It is essential to test for TCA drug because it produces lot of ill effects to the abuser. This test is supported by SAMHSA.

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