Asking For Help – Alcohol BAT Breath Testing

Those who are addicted to drugs are not bad people; rather they are those victimized to their illness. Anyone who is in to drug addiction need help more than to say a simple no. The nature of the influence of the drugs they abuse is such that they are not able to accept that drugs are the reason for their deteriorating quality of life. Continue reading

Various therapies for alcohol abuse – alcohol saliva testing

Alcohol abuse is the rising crisis in the society. Lot of promising treatments is available to recover the addicts from alcohol. The therapies offered for the alcohol treatment are motivational enhancement therapy, couples therapy, brief intervention therapy, dual addiction treatment and pharmacotherapy. Continue reading

Alcohol addiction in pregnant woman – alcohol urine test

Alcohol consumption is integrated in western culture. Women also prone to alcohol addict. One question is very common among women alcoholic addicts. Does alcoholic consumption during pregnancy will affect the fetus? Since most of the pregnant women are consuming alcohol on daily basis. The best single line answer would be “don’t consume alcohol while you are pregnant”. Continue reading