Asking For Help – Alcohol BAT Breath Testing

Those who are addicted to drugs are not bad people; rather they are those victimized to their illness. Anyone who is in to drug addiction need help more than to say a simple no. The nature of the influence of the drugs they abuse is such that they are not able to accept that drugs are the reason for their deteriorating quality of life.

They tend to blame everyone around for the worsening conditions of their life. They tend to become hostile and they blame everyone around them for whatever they are. Drug addicts eventually lose their jobs, but continue to blame the world around them for the negativity in their lives, rather than accepting the real culprit, the drug behavior or addiction to be a cause.

Even if the drug addicts are not asking for help, the society and friends of the addict do have the responsibility of trying to provide help for the addict by doing some heart-to- heart talk with them.

Rather than a friend talking to the addict, it works best when a recovering addict talks to the addict about giving up drugs. More important the addict should know that the person with whom he is talking to is recovering. This gives the addict a hope for recovery. Things work better when they talk to someone who is in the kind of shoes they are.

Lot of things might creep in to an addict’s life inclusive of lost jobs, divorce, and separation from family, depression, anxiety, failure and sorts. These people also need some counseling to cope from such incurred losses in their lives.

There are functional addicts who despite being drunk do not appear drunk. Those despite being on drug appear normal doing everything normally. Some of such can smartly hide the behavior from their own spouse.

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